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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

My Kingdom Is Under The Shadows

I belive in my dark sin
I belive in a placenterous dreams
I belive in my dreams of death i need again this........kill
Lust and desire entangled my soul my kingdoom

A kingdoom of black sin my world
All the forbid live in my mind
The escence what i drink is your blood
Massacre and vilentions devoted worship tone

I'm the a what vomit all degradations
Pornography, violence, satanism in my head
Pain and cry in your soul
Drugs and sex are my forces
Seek world,full my soul
Stupid beliver,burn in hell

Burned in hell impaled virgens mutileted children
Blasphemic god seduce christ
My kingdom is on the shadows
The shadows involve the the world the light is exctinct your faith is decay
I vomit your white emotions
I defecated in your placentous
I need again this violated you.

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