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My Life's Work

You want to go
From here to there
Where is this valley
Take me there

I will pull
Ridge to ridge
With great stone cracking
Make wondrous bridge

I take this load on
It is my life's work
To bring you into the light
From out of the dark

Our little house
Can seem so small
This morning we found
No love at all

I bust a hole
In the ceiling so
The light will flow
And show

my lack of grace,
your radiant face.
They make it worth
our time.

I take this love at home.
it is my life's work
to bring you into the light
and out of the dark.

The morning came.
Now a memory,
the after prayer,
is all we see.

So this song becomes
the melody
of you
as you're the song of me.

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