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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Now We've Made Our Ascent

We've finally made a great escape;
Tell me friend, what is this place?
The look on your face says it all...

The blades of grass refuse to bend
And I can see right through you friend
Oh, what kind of trickery is this?

Oh Lord, I've waited so long for this...
Now that I'm here I don't know where to go

Here in the foothills of heaven
I hope to be rid of the world I have known

From the hills came beings of light:
Such glorious creatures
Such a glorious sight
Ah, I couldn't help but tremble

And here at the sight of an angel
It never occurred what a wretch I had been
Come now, follow me gladly
Soon all the grass you shall learn how to bend

The world you are running from is filled with the grumbling of miserable tongues
Oh, the journey is cumbersome
This great divorce you shall soon overcome
Soon overcome

Here int eh foothills of heaven
It's hard to believe what I've seen
Sometimes my eyes can deceive me
I'm weary of all that I fail to perceive

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