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Nude (en inglés)

Even if wings
Would grow on this back
Where could I go...
Entwined in chains

Strong, strong, strong
Expose your wounds
All of the truthful you
Show me

Under the dark sun
Like a bird flaxing it?s wings
Wholeheartedly dancing in the sky
Want you to put on a pure shape
Beside me for eternity

The things with shape
Are fated to soon disappear
Posing like a fake fur
Decorated hearts

The moon, wind and stars
The things living and alive
Kneeling like their Naked Beauty Face
Show me

The dark diamonds
Instinctly radiance
Keep on living laughing
Want you to still dirty indulge in love
Beside me for eternity

As nude
Speaking with our souls
Embracing the dirty skin too
Want you to keep laughing to the end of days
Beside me for eternity

Fuente: www.musicafusion.com

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