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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Of the Red and the Black

I am of the red, the highest
I am the end of all things, Nasuri

It is coming soon
The time where the red must be called to arms
The red should be ready, trained
and prepared for war

The first sign shall be the arch over the river
Dividing the East from the West
And the horde shall spew forth in numbers
Engulfing the children misled by false light

The one you thought would save you won't
For it is us, the order of the red, that must
As it is your lot to be sheep
It is ours to be the truth

The second sign will be the crumbling of the firmiment
When the trump blare the song of warcry
For it heralds the triumphant to battle
And restore the balance of things you cannot see

(The third sign will be the disolve of the false light
So let it fall
It is the lie that doomed the children of man
since the A.D. began)

It is not the lot of Iehoah to stand your guard
It is ours the bretheren of all things blackened
For we are of the red, the ones who didn't fall to the lie
Spread by man's arrogance



For in times of ruin, the iniquities of the Dogma will be exposed
And be shown for the lies that they are
And when the whole of humanity drops to it's knees
It is our time to grasp the pendulum

It was not our fault, that the end would come about
It was always supposed to be
I have accepted what I must do, so must you all
So when I call, be prepared, for the Stuggle for life will truly begin

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