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I know i don't quite measure up against you
The whole context in which we met was innocent
Your charming ways deserve the blame for our time
It wasn't me who led; your words spoke confidence

One long day it came with a rush
We've tied ourselves up together, but the knot is loose

I adore the way your face breaks out into a smile
Like a flower in spring that blooms to life so radiant
I can't forget your lush sweet lips that kiss me
How many are the men charmed by your elegance?

Whom have you worked this magic on before?
Let it be only me forever since i want it more
Give it only to me please

So smile, come put your lips right next to mine
Moonlight showers down on you like flower blossoms
Come on right now, lay down with me and sing lullabies
Somehow let me live this dream with you, endlessly

You're quick and bright, so pacify my complaints
You hide your thoughts and shroud yourself in mystery
You've never learned what deep inside i'm craving
What you learned against my shoulder i did notice it

When did you make a hole inside of me?
Trapped in this room, suffocating in your niceties
I'm losing my mind to more fits of jealousy

Now cry, come put your lips right next to mine
High tide, i'm swimming in a sea of your tears
Come on right now, no need to treat me nice anymore
Somehow i want to hide myself somewhere away from you

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