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On Your Mind

A knock on the door
A message on the machine
I'm still waiting for a sign
Am I still on your mind?
If you'd come by
Or wanna give me a call
I'm still waiting for you

Sometimes I think I see you
Does that happen to you too?
You know, that glance of someone
You haven't seen for long

Usually it's nothing, right?
But this time I heard your voice
I even saw your face in an unexpected place
Our version of friendship light

You look great Oh thanks you too
Hope to see you soon again
Yeah right, whateverâ?¦

A nock on the door...

I mean what the hell is this?
Pretending not to see this
We're not friends like before
I'm not even the same person anymore

It's been awhile, what do you do?
Oh I'm so happy, how are you?
Come on, whateverâ?¦

We can barely talk nowadays
This a truth that's hard to face
We live our own lives now
Maybe it's a good thing, sis
But right now I don't want to hear
of nothing like this

A nock on the door...

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