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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

One One One

One, One, One,
You Have Shat On A Stroll With Me
Bow Wow, Bow,
That Cleaning Was My Job For Fifteen Years

Piss For Own Territory
You Were Free To Shit
On The Park, On My Bed, Everywhere
This Collar Was Not To Bind
Wanted To Feel Vibration Of Your Shitting
Every Time

I Can't Clean Anymore When Your Gone
Held Your Final Excreta Tight

Please Shit Me Again, One, One, One,
Please Call Me Forever By Your Bow Wow

Memories Were Too much Of Your Good Shit
In My Mind
Never Forget, Fuck You Dearly
My Daily Work Was That
I Follow You To Clean After Your Call
Could You Understand Only Bread In My Using Word ?
You Have Eaten It To Give Me Shit

Not Position Of Master And House Dog
We Were Best Freinds In The Name Of Shit

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