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One Way Livin'

(All the) people in defense of their lives
Families, homes have organized
A defense system to make screw
Or amy death squads will massacre you
Confined in a world of their own
Working fingers to the bone
Small wages is what they get
Starvation will get you yet

Nobody wants to face
The world that you create
The only thing certain in life
Is that of your own fate

There's no army no police
All those people on their knees
Coca cola doing well
Another person justice's failed
Inc reasing concentration
On multi-national corporation
No person shall heed
Another dead civilian is what they need

See the necrology is it fair
Green berets make sure you're there
Necropolis at its best
They'll make sure that's where you rest

These ghouls of a different kind
Make sure they're out to blow your mind
Torture you
Rape you
Burn you too
Army death squads will massacre you

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