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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Ontology (dasein)


We should be prepared, therefore, for an uncomfortable journey a disconcerting voyage through paradox and inversion, in which we shall always be trying to understand ourselves in our own self-understanding, despite its inherent tendency to misunderstand us - Jonathan Rée

Contrived by conscious landfill
Vanquished by desolate remains of the picturesque
(Failing nature, brow sloped, opinion tested, lucid reigns)
In the true test primordial (beholding)
Created for a purpose (a chasm)...

Uncoil the fuse
Be sure, check twice, IGNITE!

Pariahs, I'd RATHER BE DEAD then retreat to the quaint
So onwards! Leave the carcass of the former behind. To a beckoning call

I saw it in the distance, combusted eyes protrude
(Yet this hydra breeds defection)

Though leaning for evasion into the scenic
Anxiety builds pressure on the ANS
More time spent in face of attack
But maybe this is not my way


It's only when the scars define him, the ears prick to define the tone
(Soaring to my pinnacle, sailing above elation)

Sterilised I lay stale and obsolete, psychological contraceptives hinder a rebirth
(What leads hindsight from developing a fear only to contradict and grip divide)

Sailing once again closer to home than abroad without the space to reconcile the trouble with a new isolation.
(I hold dear my assurance, a terminal disease, a quest for luminous quantity/quality)

It's Heisenberg that put the brakes on progress.

It's easy to attack something unfamiliar to us based just upon the fact that it is different. As we live without it, removing it from your life is tantamount to ignoring it all together. However we must understand the motives and origins in order to clear any uncertainty within the act of being and ourselves. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself!

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