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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Our Life

Underground is where we belong
Deppest than the ocean, farter than the sun
Here you can find us, come down you can trust
Nobody knows the bottom until luck turns around

From true punk rockers to the new fashion ones
It is a separated jail, a state located behind
Figth or fears are the menues everyday
Troubles and struggles like the very first day

But we are not looking for an answer
Dont even care what`s rigth or wrong
Like if this needs an explanation
You better get out
Stand up for you

Today`s a problem with your life
Tomorrow everything is gonna be
Is gonna be fine

One time, ten times we stand for you
No more time to see the things you loose
Come on down we can all over start

Cause we live our life in a place small
From the fuck south coast where we spend our time together...
And we raise our roots, yeah we got our crew
It`s all we care and we are never afraid from you

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