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Metano - Pain
by Metano


I'm in all that you love.
I'm in all that you hate.
Can't you see that I came from above?
And I came to destroy what you made.

I am all that you crave.
I am all that you regret.
I will show you the new way.
The life after death!

(desire desire desire)
yeah, you've been away and dare the death
Life in the flames of hell.

You had depress so long.
You even though if you die.
That your problems would be undone.
How I know? Well I told you this lie.

Stop to blame me.
.I only gave you a wish.
You had chosen an easy way ( the darkest way)

I'm the Evil in the dark
The god of the wrath.
Can you handle your own desire?
Can you handle the pain and fire?

The Demon inside your head.
Playing with your mind again
It's only fear or just regreat?
are you afraid to face the eternal bane?


They pray across the land.
They lie, again and again.
Wipe your tears and say: Amen.
The downfall of the Man.

You will ask Who am I?
Will run for you life.
Forget you can't hide...

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