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Party Line

operator got a party line
havin' trouble gettin' to that girl of mine
gotta stay in touch, i don't want to lose her
she's really too much, i gotta talk to her
Verse ii
it's a mighty long way to louisiana...
g.t.e. is messin' up my plans
lines get crossed everytime i call her
i can't get through at all
i try to get in touch with you
party line
no luck no matter what i do
party line
Verse iii
remember chuck berry on the radio
say "help me operator, get the one i know"
i'm holdin' that line, reachin' my extension
i'm runnin' out of dimes so won't you pay attention
Verse iv
in between the buzzin' and the ringing tones
i tell her that i love her but we're not alone
who's that voice diggin' all the gossip
i can't get through at all
( chorus )
hang up and try it again...
( verse ii - chorus - outro )

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