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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Pathology Attraction

Your history isn't all in your past its what you're all about
You've got no more strikes you're out now
I get only one heart, this world gets only one me
One shot, one chance, I'm making mine count
Nine lives running out now
Just keep telling myself it could've been anything

Now I'm resigned to find what causes my pathology attraction
I swear that each time I hit the ground I must have found dramatic satisfaction
Now all I want to do is to keep myself away from girls like you

My future wasn't safe in your hands
Your undercover demands -
I gave you all my trust, and now I'm sure I never met the real you
Backed up, Backed down -
You swallowed your tongue - too weak to speak the truth
Now nothings gained but loss of innocence

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