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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos


Wake me up, oh, sunny morning
Feeling something new inside
You cross the mist that rounds my love
`Cause you're an angel in disguise

I won't try to conquer you
I will just shut my heartbeat
Even if I'm next to you
My truth will lies I'll hide it
I'm afraid to talk to you
Because you are so perfect

Though you're saying I'm frozen
You're still hunting by my side
I'll conceal my dreams were broken
If I glare you with slight

Knowing things that make me sick
I'm thinking that you're not so perfect

Now my words are rough and stronger
With my hate I'll stop my pain
If I daze you, I am sorry
But I'll hurt your pride again

Moving on with smooth words, this sadness will be gone for good
Changing ways into my world, you'll live forever, and ever?

I though that you were perfect!..

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