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Pick Up Truck Song

(talking about makin' a coastin' record)

ya i used to look forward to saturdays
when me and my grandpa'd get away
id be in his pick up truck and we'd go to town
we had a couple chores that we had to do
it didn't take long 'fore we were through
then we let the pick up truck just wander around

we'd make a run to the county dump
we'd always wave when we saw someone
grandpa'd make up a song as we rolled along
post marks feed and fed
get your feet in check out the band
we get to chew when we check out the mail
never took the same road twice on the way back home

stayed a few years, and a runnin' free
spent two or three in new york city
moved back to texas
tired and had enough
i go to luchenback on saturdays
'cause hondo had a way to brighten up my day
he always made me laugh when i rolled in his truck


well i miss granpa and hondo to
i really miss things that we used to do
so last week i went out and bought me and ol' pick up truck
now me and my kids spent saturday
we do fun things in a simple way
they love to start the day with a ride in the ol' pick up truck


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