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Porcelain God

Four friends and a bottle of scotch
A game of quarters shoot''n down shots
Add a few beers and a bottle of wine
Stoned off my ass with tears in my eyes
3am it was time to go home
Just one last drink tequila for the road
A pot of coffee caffeine for the ride
My bloodshot eyes gave no sign of life
Feeling no pain
Staring at space with beer goggles on
I tried to play it off like nothing was wrong
I staggered on the left and fell to one knee
Then somebody grabbed a hold of my keys
An angelic voice i heard from above
Man he's a mess he's really fucked up
Half crocked my head began to pound
Whirling in a circle spinning round and round

Boom i hit the floor
Passed out next to the door
My stomach started to churn
My throat began to burn
Everything started to spin
I knew i was going in
Crawling on all fours
I couldn't hold it anymore
Climb upon the altar and make your offering
Pray as you slobber i'll never do this again
Confess to al your sinning promise and even swear
Choking from the dry heaves gasping for precious air
Climb upon the altar and make your sacrifice
Spew chunks of bile hanging on for dear life
Bow to the porcelain god

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