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Que xopa con ese laopesillo (en inglés)

Up to the Crime ...
What happened to the iguana
wants fame,
good to grab this branch.
I never disrespect to Renato,
or Nando Boom or Chicho Man or Ness.
Are not you smoke,
the whole town and the capital known to cagaste,
well ... you should pensalo
Toy pa metete a little on the temple Cachazo
Xopa that this lapecillo,
I come from Vietnam where Ganster
pull the trigger, you melt the bulb,
leather and you and you cough your manzanillos
tighten the cap and release the hammer,
yellow and fall dead in their underwear.
I always walk by Columbus
I ride in a Mercedes with my fren Bolon
and he goes through your house with a pistolon,
waiting with my pants and my metra,
and the curtain fell, says cartelon,
to throw the clown in an alley.
What you do whatever you do,
montarte a Dembow
and sing like Calderon
existeria and if not, would not have
was a clone of Tego Calderón, Mamon.
My lyrics are as similar,
guail you look to your catalog,
I have long been marked
study, stalking and killing them,
better to bring escort
I will matate you and John Travolta,
and if my 9 explodes, really like your body in the river fleet
(madafoka, idiot )....
You have no alibi or stamp or cover,
you got to face Cortada,
I try to avoid because of our friendship,
and the Titanic broke in half,
Danger Motherfucker you know,
you know we do it, you know we roll,
This is Danger Man and Japanesse
I do not disrespect or a man,
never underestimate the silence of another man,
Hear ... CUEQUITO!
Are not you smoke, all to the town
and knows that the capital cagaste ...
If you want, personnel ...
I have no time pa contestate
you dizque, dizque verbally,
dizque songs, mine is not serious ...
You know what e '...
In fact you have a good size
We can check out five (he, he, he!)
You know how ah ...
CAPITAL when you want ...
Toy pa partite mouth ...................
Get your teeth and cough
pa you're serious and you organize ...
I did not listen and no bulletins yours ...
Not that you did,
you did not, or you can do ...
I know you're a woman,
That is all that is ...
Hear ... niger motherfucker you know
Coiste wrong with the band that is Scardem Crew ...
Represented the Ghetto, always imposing respect ...
Hear ... not like your friend could not aconsejate ...
Tas huevon you doing, I got fiscalizao ...
Toy expecting to make any morisqueta
amanezacn cueriao that pa ...

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