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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Reborn In Thy Holy Flames

As the twilight rebirth
Like the dark and its defiance
When the sun concealed behind the clouds
Gives the holy secrets of the truth

Beneath the black sky and gloomy night
Immortal silence hunts the desolated whisper
The ark of thy soul adorned thee spirit in blasphemy
Without light brighten the dark

Thy reborn in the holy flame ?!!!

Realm enchantment and the blazing spirit
Blows to uncertain boundary of conciousness
United in the unhallowed sorrow burn the fury within
The legacy of thy reborn.

Crippling power and Glorification,
The way of my life
Unleashed upon the past,
The silence and the flame
Hold every steps I take
Open the gates of the truth
Beneath ye thou unholy

Reborn in thy holy flames ..!!
Reborn in thy holy flames ..!!

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