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Red nose

Thats real/people act a different way with me/
I feel don't nobody wanna play with me/
and thats ill cause they treat me like a stain on their clothes/
the indusrty are my foes/they treat me like I got a red nose/
red nose/red nose/
they put me down and treat me like I got a red nose
red nose/red nose/
don't make me clown and have to go put on my red nose.

[Verse 1]
I got my face painted,crazed aint it?/that a black dude lookin like he got a white tattoo people thinking that he way tainted/by evil/treat you like fecal wanna beef you when they meet you/people perceave you to be lethal when you aint see through like teesue/(erhh)/I feel like the industry giving me vivid stupidity when they distribute these frutitious sissy's when I rip so seriously and wickedly/no forgiven thee/ when I claim with strange/everyone telling me that I'm insane with bang/I'm an independent talented individual working but the industry is the rendered game/and they call me rudolf the red/they know when I rip it right when I chew off their head/spit it at the pd's and vj's and dj's who and they get threw off a ledge/ if he tough we snuff him/homie trust me nothing/is worse than knowing your beautiful but still get treated like an ugly duckling/so I'm rocky dennis/but I'm so polish nothing can stop in this/battling brain the good is not replenished/ the fakers who imitate me and mock me finished/(erhh)/we check the mill/yes it's real through strange/I don't need your major label record deal.


[Verse 2]

They tend to stray away from me because I'm different/and its been this way with me ever since I was an infant/other kids were jealous/they said the look over my eyes seem hellish/never knowing letter on in life I would relish/the thought of me ballin and livin my life and sell it/(erhh)/I blame it on program directors/go and request us/no damn selector/but if you got a whole lot of dough they bless ya/sure can depress ya/when you knowing that there aint nobody better man/stuck up in the cold when the bad weather came/now they got to see me living it up in cheddar game/comin from the forever pain to another range/so I throw up the finger/ to everybody who got a tore up demeanor/thinking that Tecca Ninna was a sure nuff a dreamer/but the flow is so heavy it can show up katrina/now it's time to take/and you all must face it/Tech Nina is sacred/all you hatin fakers couldn't see me with lasick/red nose the leader so follow/you got to be ready to get and go is the motto/made it through everything negative bravo/the money thats coming to me feels like I won the lotto/(erhh)/now I'm bout to put the slay on auto/swoop down on the Dj's and tell em' to quit the replay and nigga put Tecca Ninna in the serato.


[Verse 3]

I'm comin in drivin my short bus/with this nose I don't need a torcha/bustin through like the Industry's porche/coming after who didn't support us/rip down it's bleechers/I blew up cause my sound is ether/underground up and found this creature/not afraid of a nigga with clownish features/(erhh)/I'm making a name outside your mainstream/real it wasn't an insane dream/from the beginning I really came clean/you about to see strange gleam/taking over in gang green/Strange Music and Rbc along with Fontana we gon' change things/now it's so funny cause with money I can fly away/elimante the hater are but a demon's darkest hide away/why do they do me wrong/my music truly strong/because I'm different all you cowards wanna see me gone/yes this is Strange's year/worldwide fame's near/but the games queer/sometimes I feel like I'm rudolf the raindeer/and the music they said blows/is on top of the crek rose/your gonna have to open up the door for the bro with the red nose.

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