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I think I made me/may be wise
I think you made me crazy
Thats why I connect the dots on every page
Who knows why I see what I see in the skies
That Ive gone and Im haunted by images
Your arms round my body like two human bandages
And theyre healing my spirit
Are they sending me messages?
You are not lost, you are not wrong
You are not that which you most fear
Tell your demons to disperse
They are not welcome here
And if I miss you
And if we falter
We will rendezvous
Under the water
I think I made you wise
I think you made you crazy
And thats why you can only see underneath
Who knows why you see what you see in my eyes
Now youve gone and youve left you with memories
And theyre fragile and fading like gray ghostly entities
And I swear if you listen theyre sending you energy
Gotta hold your breath, gotta hold this hand
Gotta hold your thoughts on dry land
Maybe were not that wise
Maybe were not that crazy

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