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Rest In Terrifying Agony

Emptiness, crushing me,
To live or not to be?
Thy face in my mind beheld,
Thou knowst not, I will rot.
To hell I drag thee, take my word,
Blind man's thought thou hast heard.
Drown'd in thee I crawl and suffer,
My heart like stone is getting tougher.

[Lord, zeitgleich mit unterem]

Bewitch thyself to my wild passion,
Blood-red love is my obsession.
Seek me or I'll seek and kill,
Tied by pain my mind, my will.
Run! Totter! Canst not hide,
No escape, my fading bride.
So close thy eyes and melt away,
Life, love, death canst not betray!

[Lady, gleichzeitig mit oberem]

Blood-red love is thy obsession.
Tied by pain thy mind, thy will.
I run...cannot hide,
No escape, thy fading bride.
I close my eyes...
...And melt away...

I will live without thee,
Nay my answer is.
Love I feel not for thee,
Fro' thy darkness in the rain I flee.
Good-bye, my Lord, I leave now,
I leave now, dusk hath come.
My eyes! To sleep I wish...

By silence is my castle wall'd,
Dusty bones thy fate foretold,
When thou com'st in foggy night,
When thou see'st my candle's light.

A gentle knock on wooden door,
Thou dost not know the midnight gore,
Following a tender light,
Imprison'd by my blacken'd might.

The bell tolls twelve and I appear,
Close thy eyes, Red Death is near.
Vampiric lust to be thy end,
'To the grave I wilt thee send.

With sharp teeth I bite thee soft,
Thou canst see a bat aloft,
Flying lonesome towers by,
Night embraceth thy last cry.

Through thy blood I gained new life,
Ay, thou wast my pretty wife.
Nocturnal maid, thou art no more,
Thou didst not know the midnight gore.

Rest in terrifying agony!

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