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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Resureccion (en inglés)

Every song I write by vocation, your eardrum to the heart
I put my attention precision tirelessly in the verses that launched him rap-pasison yamo
I think emotions no matter how old rap because there is no trick here gentlemen
tampoko secrets or errors, nose is the fear that I support a pair of balls
dream elegant in the mouth of different people tantaaaa
I am the cause is striking emocones create a couple of sentences
slowly but surely the cause is pissed that rap is that
the child they hate about a masterstroke with this lp
tantisimo made so quickly that he was calm in many cases tre
desde barna captal kid until the end of the world
I think earthquakes and curls begin to tremble bisbal
if you want you can try to kill me while I am mortal
assume the consequences because the truth always hurts
those who talk are always the least able
OK, but I will not be much less posh raper
I consider myself EMSI and more mass to move the address.

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