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Revolution Rebel Heart Tour


I'm a woman
I'm blonde
I have tits and ass
and an insatiable desire to be noticed
come on baby show me the ass
move it for us baby
you dance that you do so well for us, baby

but also I want to start a revolution
Someone has to do it

(Born to be a superstar)
(That's exactly what you're)

there is too much beauty in the world that is being wasted
too hidden talent
too much creativity is being crushed by the wheel
corporate brand and what is fashionable
but it is time to wake up

(Born to be a superstar)
and look in the eyes of the people and saw impotence
(That's exactly what you're)
I saw despair
I saw human trying to find a way out

watch me all
I'm great and I am someone
I've fallen and risen many times
PRODIA nobody ever stop me because I'm someone
I'm Beautiful


because when these fascist dictators
presented as righteous men come for you
with his big leather boots keep quiet
to get a gun in her mouth

better be prepared to fight for what you believe
better be prepared to die for what you believe

I want to start a revolution

you are with me?

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