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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Rise For Revolution

Can you see the force of the money it determines the rules
We can not decide what is going on
Poor means fool
No more hiding got to stand up if we don't wanna lose
Keep on fighting, we don't wanna be abused, misused

Rise 4 revolution
Rise 4 anarchy
Rise for independence

Raise your will to be freedom, reason, movement, tension,
integration, desegregation, resurrection, reflection of justice

King is wealth and wealth is the law in a so-called monarchy
Politics are made by the rich in a demogracy
You got a voice, you're equal - a theoretical right
But if you want to stand for the poor, you have to fight the war


You got to raise your voice and your fist - justice for all
No more starvation and violation of the small
They exploit the weak for economic growth and tell ya:
If you have to die for the history, - be proud

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