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Ritual Removal Of The Clitoris

hear the painful screams
a side of obscene
only a pleasure
of a nasty pathologist
chosen, a young girl is held down
by using a sharp tool
such as a knife
broken piece of glass
and your rotten hunger'll be satisfied

cutting tool to excise the foreskin of
the clitoris or the labia
these tools are not clean
infections and spread of viruses
decrease or loss of sexual sensation
painful intercourse
scarring and hardening of the tissue

to see the difficulty with urinating and passing
of menstrual blood
the four cutting...
excision of
the prepuce with or without the excision of
parts or all of the clitoris
excision of the clitoris together
with parts or all of the labia minora
excision or ablation of the
external genitalia, accompanied sometimes
with stitching or narrowing of the vaginal opening
affects the genitalia stretching of the clitoris or
surrounding areas

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