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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Safe Place To Fall

You never think that your time will come
Tangled in choices that come undone
Beautiful girl with the secret pain
You think that this is the only way

To find love
Does anyone hear you now
Or see you reaching out

All this weight that keeps dragging you under
And everyday you wake up and you wonder
Is anybody listening at all
And is there a safe place to fall
You never think that you're good enough
You never think that your best adds up
Cause daddy says we don't settle for
Anything less than your best and more
Just hold on....
Cause when you are weak he's strong
And you are not alone


Fall into his arms again
Let him love you, let him love you
You're never alone when you

Let him hold you
Rest and know that you are safe

Cause when we are weak, he's strong
Just keep holding on


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