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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

San Andreas

Wake up to the earth rattling my room
wake up to the world trembling
i've been slipping, like a hand across a table
i've been shaking underneath this strain
Wake up from this dream of thunder
wake up to the floor rolling under me
i've been staring at my very blindest faults
i've been looking for fault plane solutions
San andreas, callaveras, hayward
I've been trying to go deeper
and i've been opening these eyes
i've been trying to go further
instead i've been going so blind
Wake up to find love moving like a snake
wake up as side to side the buildings shake
i've been travelling, only backwards on this wave
we've been falling, falling down in place
San andreas,callaveras, hayward

yeah, they say after a quake
there comes a shining in the sky
well i'll be looking, i'll be looking
looking up tonight
San andreas, callaveras, hayward

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