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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Save Me

On & on the same old lies from long ago
I've been tryin' hard 2 live the pictured life
They all critize, despair in the eyes
Of those who don't understand
All the pain i've been thru, i've done all i can do
Without a helping hand

But now i'm reaching for something new
Calling 2 u, hear me say

Somebody, save me
I'm goin down 4 the last time
Somebody, save me
Throw me down a life line
Somebody save me
I'm all alone

I tell myself maybe i'm not the only 1
I can ease the pain, 4 the moment i'll be fine
Say what u may, but there's no other way
I guess you will never know
All the fortune & fame
All the cries of your name
Just how much more can i go?

But now i'm looking 4 something new
What can i do, hear me say


Don't try 2 tell me there's still a chance
I won't believe a word u say
Will i be seeing tomorrow, i don't know

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