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Shadowsouls' Garden

Walking over the meadows, a cold day in october everything has lost its pride
this day so painful
I shall meet my bygone mistress on the other side
Shadowsouls Garden silent sleeping in await
the withering forests shrouded in mist
A hidden garden, in dusk crimson glare bitter tears falling in despair
enchanted by the throes I feel the whispers I heard were imagination
again the dream was cold and empty
In death allÂ's the same, silent sleeping in await souls will forever search the light of denial
on this side the gate
The souls have come here the same left its beauty in pain
spirits of filth awaits another harvest
far beyond bliss screaming from the other side
in the garden of shadowsouls
Turn around from your withered memorial
another despaired bitter tear are falling
walking over the meadowsa cold evening in october
on my veiled way home to the shadowsouls garden

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