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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

She knows what she wants

I wrote something on the
Wall for you yesterday,
I've no regret but I'm not sure
It was a good idea,

Cuz'today I was walking in a
Street close to my place,
I met a girl who's clearly
More lovely than you?
Wow, did I just meet an

You have to know babe
That I'm not a dog so I'm not
At your feet,
I'm not stupid enough to
Wait for a girl just to cry
Another tear?

Do I have to beg forgiveness
If I said love you?
Cuz'like you said it's just too
Fast for you?

So, this is my last tear for you!

I've tried so hard with you babe but you don't know what you want,
I just decided to walk in another way, for another one,
Don't waste your time now it's too late, I've found someone else,
And her smile can prove that she knows what she wants?

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