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Shits Creek

Life's going fine till its time to pay Then nobody cares about what you say Borrowing all the time, now you're in debt. Moneys fun to spend: you bet. My arms are short and my pockets deep and all the money that I have I want to keep. Ill be making my payments over time. That was long ago now the lender whines Moving down the river of life Make your payments, grab a wife Then you try to float upstream Its much harder then it seems
Finally you make your goal with no morals and no soul. Had to sell them on the way, so that you could live today You're up shits creek, installments due last week Your bank book is looking bleak Because you're up shits creek Traveling without a paddle for so long it doesn't matter Now you're in a new tax bracket Don't forget your life jacket And if you hit some waves That's all right the money saves But if your cash flow stops Will your life crumble and drop Now your debts are paid and you can relax Got shit in your ears, or is it wax I thoughT I saw your boat capsize bobbing in the creek getting shit in your eyes

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