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Sins of Allegiance

Howling my sins of allegiance
raising the dagger of conjurer
the chosen will never repent
the covenant of darkness - unholy one
behold this evil upon us
remember your promise to serve until death
bonded by blood - thy will be done!

these evil ways become you!

gaze into my eyes i'm a devil
i'll give you this key to open the box
patterns unspoken shall guide thee
ancient grimoires - thy will be done
thrust open the chambers of chaos
destruction to all known religions
this is the end - all saints are dead
this is the end of it all
behold deaths deconstruction
forever enthroned, thy will be done!

necromantic blasphemer
protect me as i travel
bastard in the eyes of god
seed of all things unconceivable

lucifuge rofocale
open the seal evil take hold
lucifuge rofocale
nowhere to run - this is the end

Neverworld - where brother sold his soul
and he's heartless - his soul will never know
end this world - disastrous harmony
praise the darkness - alone out in the cold

solo: peterson

growling my sins of alligience
on inverted cross, the devil grins
opens his mouth with vengeance
to vomit up my death - apocalypse
behold the rise of new babylon
the chosen will never repent
i promise you hell - thy will be done!

Summoning through rituals
grimorium verum

take the oath archangel!
we must survive at any cost
protect me as i travel - unholy one

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