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Sluts and Bolts

Lawn mower accident in the backyard
grinded up his gall
to blood and bones fast
bodyparts turn up missing
hidden in his fridge
jeffrey franken knows what's amiss

Is he a genius or is he insane
drillbit lobotomy to rig his brain
a fiendish plan, can it work?
i'll bring her back

Rise frankenhooker rise 4x

Solo: Some assembly required

Cruising the streets for parts i need
hookers the source of some prime meat
hotelroom awash with blood and gore
collecting all the parts
from the bloodsoaked floor

Crawling on all fours looking for cover
avoid being hit by
dismembered parts of hookers

Sewing it all together
lets hope things don't come unglued
building a better girlfriend
from parts of the used
cut and slice to rebuild something nice
sew together tit to breast
to get the perfect set
finally its done lets juice her up
lightning used to light lifes spark
i created a monster
a sexual fiend
monstrous lovable girlfriend

Please date me

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