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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Song Of Most

I knew what I wanted to do
when I was only three years old
but then they came for the flame
for all the sables o ye doe-hoo
and I found one brace of gold
where I had laid it all the same
but when ye never knew
what fun would do
say hey on the way

they said that we would have this solved
the bay's a doll
and we was all a cable'd on

the door was flung awide
and fling t'as fled to fling the tide
but we were set
we didn't have to day'o
we'd a way-o
and shake the sides until
we held upon a biggun daddy
hates to, the song fail on
the gable
ah ee stood ape-hole



for mind what had it duh
nye was fed and led upon
a coaly lane of all as hauled
to lay it for the bay hoo


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