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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Sovereign Of The Unborn Life

Beyond the dark and unholy winter
Starring behold the wave in thy uprising storm
In the realm of frozen minds and desecration ,
I see the other side of darkness.

Under the black sky, soundly asleep in the silent night.
Like the power of the sovereign vanish the light.
Pass away the unholy light in the soul
Each step I take, I feels the burden of grief and burn my emotions

In my soulless mind, I flow away the hatred
In my endless suffering , I'm alone in sorrow.

The silence in the cruel night,
I pass my soul to the sovereign of the unborn life.
The tragic feelings hold my wounded soul,
Like the one that burns thou reverence

I want to let it out the endless suffering by the unholy life
Beyond the unholy in the endless winter
Despair and sorrow hold my gloomy soul
All of thy broken hope in the frozen ashes

By the sovereign of the unborn life ..!!!

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