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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Spawn Of Hatred

Impurity drains my veins
Unleashed rigid fury
Something burns deep in heart
Spawn of hatred explodes

Arctic frost of indifference
Nuclear hell of lust
Internal storms of blood
And sperm from the shroud of christ

We are spawn of hatred

Euphoric morbid joy
Flows from my interior
No place to love christ and suck his holy flesh
Satanic intent, holy intent, cross is devastated
Abhorrence, pandemonium, animate jesus fuck

Blasphemous prayers
Nocturnal defloration
And blood for the goat

Destruction of purity
Quartered messiah
The saviour dethroned

Spawn of hatred
Spawn of lust

We are spawn of hatred
The ultimate disease
We are flagellation
Rite of putrefaction



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