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Square One

Welcome to your life it's a game of strategy,
based on truth freedom and impartiality,
equality's the key but there's a special set of rules
for those who run the banks, the corporations and our schools,
they're called the 'more equals' and it's they who will prevail,
the rest are left to make the grade but ultimately fail,
monitored prohibited restricted and denied,
ironically promoting nationalist pride?

We're going back to square one

Sent back to square one, you don't get to pass go,
you're being penalised so you don't collect your dough,
the world's monopolised a commodity for sale,
you better play the game or you're going straight to jail,
failure to comply it shows your inability,
get back 2 spaces on the list for council tenancy,
It's profit over people, strengthening the state,
we're laying the foundations, for the pyramid of hate.

Our daily transactions use a currency of greed,
the idea of the game is to take much more than you need,
accumulate your wealth while others starve from poverty,
It's survival of the heartless in this world of hierarchy,
It's time to flip the game board turn the table upside down,
those on top will fall and drop so we're on equal ground,
then we can eliminate this non-complacency,
Restart it all from square one get out of jail free.

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