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Stars are blind (corregida)

i dont mind spendin some time
just hanging here with u cause i
dont find too many guys
that treat me like u do

those other guys all wanna take me for a ride
but when i walk they talk of suicide
some people never get beyond their stupid pride
but u can see the real me inside

and im satisfied oh no

even all the gods are crazy
even all the stars are blind
if u show me real love baby
ill show u mine

i can make u nice and naughty
like a devil and angel too
got a heart and soul and body
lets see what this love can do

baby im perfect for u

i could be your confidante
just one of your girlfriends but i
know thats not what u want
if tomorrow the worlds ends

why shouldnt we be with the one we really love?
now tell me who have u been dreaming of?
i am all in love oh no!

even all..

excuse me for feeling
this moment is critical
it might be revealing
it could get physical oh no

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