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Upon Him!!!!
Look at me! Can you realise that I'm your bloody future?
Look at me! I'm the one who'll destroy your only hope of survival!!!
I'm wondering what you'll think when your head (will) be chopped
And your eyes bloodcovered?
Do you think that I'm deranged?
No! The body draining is my love!

Blood! The thirst is growing!
Blood! Your body is filled with scars...
... Of increasing pain. Is nothing that'll make you resist your downfall?
Is there a bright hope?
I say no!!!... No!!!
Can you run away?
Can you hide?
Can you escape from me?
I don't think so!
You'll be with me until the bloodletting be complete.
During your dying rapture you'll spill your last vomit!
I'll stab you eternally! Oh so much pain
You are now the victim of the most cruel violation!

You are inside my room! I'll have my fools!
I'll cut your head! Then I'll make you see your headless body!

Kill him!!!

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