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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

Sweet Shadows

April how dare you
bring me a life new
and now i sit and stare
soul bare, soul bare, soul bare
He said to go left
the cold air stole my breath
and now i walk alone
they don't care soul bare, my soul bare
This city's gonna swallow me
it's hungry, angry, gonna swallow me
now the shadows they follow me hollow me
the sweet shadows they follow me
We all walk so scared
a smiling face so rare
they're all frozen alone
they don't stand soul bare, thier souls bare
The city runs wild
around my secret life
in the dark i will glow, glows my soul, my soul it glows
This city's gonna follow me
one day you'll see it'll follow me
now the shadows, they're hovering covering
the sweet shadows are hovering

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