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The Asylum Pyre

Echoes in the bleak plains
Screaming out all my pains

Humiliated in the public place
Condemned, imprisoned, in disgrace
(For) They can't stand the truth that I tell
Out of their sphere - they build me a cell

I am out of the circle that they have plotted
They link the points of the plan that they have noted
Could it be that I am dangerous for their plan?
(The) intolerance, on me, has imposed a ban

And you don't understand then condemn
I am a fool under ignorance reign (Who is The Fool?)
Before the Wall of bias, Doomed,
The shattered souls are on the move
The Asylum Pyre
Law of My Empire
Once My Master
Now, my World's Defender!

The Asylum Pyre
Soul healing embers
The Hopeful Fire,
I wish, will Burn FOREVER
On Asylum Pyre

Brains Connected To the Web

And you simplify your vision
Easier Than a Revolution
Your Kingdom is a house of Cards
With soulless queens and corrupt guards

In the darkness I wait
I Wait... I hear some voices
I Wait... Growing forces
I Wait... (for)
The Longing
I feel so restless?
And it seems endless?

After a dreamless sleep
Long or short I can not tell
But it was very deep
I awoke in this dark cell
Knock on the wall
I hammer the door
I pound the Wall
With My Fists
With My Feet
My Shoulders?and my head...

I just want to be heard!
Hopeless... In tears...
I finally tear my nails on the wall.

Foul atmosphere
Foul-smelling Bias
The bite of your slander
The Wound of your Uncultured Soul
Your blessed naivety?

Open door
But even When I am as down as one can be
I still have this little Flame burning deep within me!
Beam after beam

I have, now, taken control - over the flame
The rules of your Circus games
Lies in my hand!

Unconscious, your carefree life comes to the end.
And where you once tortured my friends
You're gonna learn!

War Gods - Pyre!
Black Gold - Pyre!
Cult of Fame - Pyre!
With Propaganda!

Waste - Pyre!
Profits - Pyre!
Oblivion - Pyre!
With Fatalism!

Fashion - Pyre!
Sheep Flocks - Pyre!
Clichés - Pyre!
You, my Fellow Man
Lazy, selfish
And so self assured
Roles are reversed
Now you're my Prey!
Now in the fire
I finally open the door
Happiness, hope fulfils me
You'd better run
You're better off dead
Smoked breeze of the fires
In The Morning
Only the smoked breeze of the fires lasts...

The Asylum Pyre
Through My Words and Through My Eyes
The Asylum Pyre
Is Spreading Out
The Asylum Pyre
If You Understand these Words
The Asylum Pyre
You're One of Us
The Asylum Pyre


Let's the Pyre set ablaze?
And spread?

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