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The Ballad of Phil

I Can't Go in There
I Can't Go Near There
I Can't Go Anywhere
It Won't Let Me Go

I See My Shadow
Through the Window
And I Know
It'll Snow
Winters Melting Out
Spring Is Blooming
And Again
I Go

One Thing I Know
Is the Thing I See
It Means the World to You
But Nothing to Me

I Come At Fleeting Times
These Cold February Nights
They Dictate My Life

What Am I?
I'm Just a Pawn to You
I Don't Mean Anything
But I Predict Your Future
Who Cares About Me,
Believes in Me?
Thinks That I Come Around
More Than Once a Year

Another Year
Has Come and Gone
I'll Go to My Place
I'll Sing My Final Song

Summers Dying Out
Fall Is Falling In
And Again
I'm Gone
Once Again Iam
Foresaken Like the Rest
And I Know
My Sleep Will Be Long


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