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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

The Conception Within

As I keep reminding you by the merits of the past and the last inquiry in mind.
Feel frustrated and consistently naked.
Ache the pain one more deny.
Rush the fear out unto the light.

As I keep surrounding you by the shadows of the last, the ruin, the blame of I barely find my kind.
The truth enriched the rain of sarcastic scenes lessened which
I / You
Cant deny .

The peace in mind was just the flammable deed,
I thought I could find to blind.
Touch me, Touch me let me feel at least one of my kind.

The flame and we'll keep it alive.
The grace we distinct with time.
The lace of hope and divide.
The face of rejection, the real comprehension, the mystic conception
The dark
It keeps us

Alive recalling the pride.
In hate we share and rewind.
I am here the near pacifying.
The face of rejection, the real comprehension

We participate in
The race inside was just the liberty I gave to my pride.
The weak inside was just the feminine creep I keep to die���To die.

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