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The Creature From The North

Creature from the North

These frozen paths lead us to the lair of deathmaker
Taste this sickness in the air, it's growing from beyond

Yesterday I was a nihilist, today I masturbate
Tomorrow I bathe in lust
War between two sides of my soul

Suicide, lust

Forgotten humanity, smiling deathwish
Grimasing joy of life
The mirror of Hungerlake
Turn the sides for the living and the dead

Yesterday I was immortal, today I'm a killer
Tomorrow I masturbate
Both sides of my soul are freezing

Immortal, killer

Painting the dead and the living
Having the same peaceful background
Lust between the living and the dead

The painter from the north
Should have a great talent
Be sexually twisted and worship the pagan gods

Suicide, masturbate, lust

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