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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

The Dead Warriors Drowned In The Battlefield

For thou the dusk came
Feels the end of the life
When the horns start to blow
Sign of a new war

Now the time is over
Destruction came to an end

We start upon the new war
Like the frozen and the blackened heart
Across the battlefield we fight
From the shadow of the illuminate.

War ..!!!!
For the highest victory
The sword risen up to blind enemy's heart
Crusader of the lost battle.

Refraction of the lost souls in the battlefield
Our enemy's spilled blood
Feels the anger of the defeated
Like the fire of the aversion

Oh Lord, blessed this unholy war
As we ride in the dark cold night
Sovereign of the lost souls
For the Immortal victory.

Never ending war
The defeated and the destroyer
We fight for the glory
Like The Dead Warrior drowned in the Battlefield

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