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The Floor Of The Sky

I won't pretend if you don't shut down
Hear what i say and look around
See what they've done? they took it all away
My fault or not this ain't no way

Don't care anything about this place
Do what i must to survive
Maybe you'll listen find yourself some space
Remain alive

Some days nothin goes right
Other days are just the same

Standing here on the floor of the sky
Think about our inborn wish to die
Happy when we build our hell on earth
Mutilating joy from the day of birth

Butchering cannibals bent on genocide
Designing life no where left to hide
Prophets of doom singing us their song
Hoping someone soon will prove them wrong

So you ask if i believe in love
When i ask you what you mean
You think that someone's killed my dove
Perhaps it's lost where has it been?

You say you what's going down
You say you know who wears your crown
I think you're wrong you don't see at all
Otherwise you'd run but instead you crawl

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