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The gospel

As we were singing that song...

There's someone listening or watching this

That needs a brand new start in Jesus Christ

Right now, wherever you are

If God is drawing you to himself

And you felt as we were singing

You are making all things new

That this moment is meant to be the beginning

Of your new life in Christ

2nd Corinthians 5: 17 says

That if anyone is in Crist, is a new creation

The old is gone and the new has come

Right now, whether you're in this place tonight

Driving down the road, watching this

On television, online or by DVD

I want to give you the opportunity to say

This moment, is the moment

Where Jesus Christ made all things new in my life

And for the person that is tired

Of the same old attempts to clean up your life

The same old dead paths to find joy

Your past has haunted you

Your future has imparalized

No matter how you try

You can't get it together

And the beauty of the Gospel is this:

That Jesus came so that You

Would not have to get it together

But so that you could offer him

The broken pieces of your fragmented life

Your uncertain future

And so that all things could be made new

Churchl let's pray together and for all of you

Who want to receive Jesus Christ

As the Lord and Saviour of your life

You pray this in your heart with me

And God will make all things new

This will be th beginning

Of the best days of your life

And the beginning of an eternal relationship

With the God who sent His Son

To make all things new

Let's pray together church and say this:

Heavenly Father, I need a new start

I need your grace, I need your mercy

I give my life and all of my sins

I turn from my own ways... To trust in you

Thank you Jesus, for dying for me

I believe you rose again, to give new life

I place my hope in you

Make me a brand new person

Give me a brand new start

And I will live for you

All the days of my life







This is a brand new day

You're a brand new person

You have a brand new home, in Jesus name

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