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Millones de Letras de canciones y videos

The Holocaust

Need air
Do not want to frozen to die
Burns on my body
Radiation in skin
I'm cursed
By angel

I'm seeing stars
They approach me
More light hurts
My eyes and body
I do not want is so close
Not want to be perfect

I see horrible things
I feel the fire burning
In my ugly as gasoline
Burning inside me
This is hell of an angel
It is the terror of a human being
I'm here on an altar
To serve as a tool
That plays only notes of pain
I am the ingredient of the future
I'm the cure-all
What is evil and impure

Six thousand times be damned
The demons who condemned me
Eighteen times be blessed by the pest
Those who crucified me
And forever to be forgotten
Those who were useful to the world
No wisdom without pain
No glory without sweat
There is no victory without battle
Not a crime without punishment

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