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The Reason Of My Life

The reason of my life and my existence
Beginning middle and end of all my
The force of faith that beats inside my
To think about your love is my inspiration

It's the light of sunrising of a
Morning without clouds
The splentor after the rain that
Blossoms the land
The sun in the horizon the peace in the
The silence the calm night that makes
Me rest

My Lord Jesus my saviour
Your Spirit shown me Your amazing
The hours on the cross and feeling all
That Pain
Your blood has saved me an undeserving

Just for a moment I was able to see
I lost my strenght I didn't know what
Oh how I wish I could find a word
Enough to express how much I thank you

My Lord Jesus my saviour
My life on Your altar I give it all to You
I can't find in this world a reason to live
If I must I'll give it all I just can not lose

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